Birthday Parties

Don’t Make This Mistake…

Many people make the mistake of saying “They’re just children, as long as something is happening they’ll stay occupied”

This is the wrong mindset. The hardest audiences to entertain are children. If you hire the wrong entertainer the children will lose interest and then become troublesome and disinterested causing chaos for the show and your party.

Cheaper isn’t always better!
Invest your time and get the best value for your budget.

This is why I constructed three different shows and prices to fit your budget!

BTW, I Love My Fans!

Thank you again Gary!

You made such a good time and memories to my little one and his friends, very impressive and appreciated. Last night my son told me that “I love the magic show”, LOL, and kept telling ppl the he let the Parrot stand on his arm, so cute!

You gave him chances to stand on the stage, and made him become brave and confident, that is so good! I love that and appreciate your job. Hope to see you soon, all the best!

– Kaydence

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If after my program you are not completely satisfied, I respectfully ask you to keep your money.

I make this bold guarantee because with over 30 years of performing, no one has ever requested their money back!

Once again I give you this guarantee so you feel completely confident in your decision to utilize my services.

Birthday Party Vault

After choosing a package and booking with me I will provide you with some free party decor and invites.

You will be able to download and print them on your computer.

  • Invitations
  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • Thank You cards
  • Party Signs
  • and that special Magician Parking Sign!

This is no extra cost to you!

This is how I give back after 30 years of performing my show to thousands of kids!!!

4 Party Packages to chose from…

Your Child’s The Star Party!

This is a 60 min interactive magic party where your child gets to be THE STAR many times performing feats of magic in front of an applauding audiences of friends and family. Watch their self confidence soar.

Every child also gets to be involved as they get to interact magically from their seats.

The Show ends with your child helping Gary AKA ( The Magic Guy ) produce I-Hop The Magic Rabbit. After the kids get to spend time with I-Hop as The Magic Guy makes balloon creations for every child and a very special one for the birthday child.

After the balloons your child will be presented with their very own magic kit so they can practice and perform for their friends and family.


The CoCo Party

Running time: 75-90 min

The CoCo Party starts out with a meet and greet with CoCo, an amazing blue and gold McCaw.

The kids will have a chance to learn about CoCo, watch him do a fly around the room, and listen to CoCo say H-E-L-L-O!

The birthday child will get a chance to hold CoCo and get pictures with CoCo, with his/her family.

After the meet and greet the 45 min magic show begins.

This party also has balloons for every child and a special magic kit for the Birthday Child along with I-Hop The Magic Rabbit


The Virtual Zoom Party

Looking for your next party entertainment ?

How about watching an award winning magic act right in the comfort of your own home?

Invite your friends and family for a 30 min interactive Zoom Magic Show.

Great for all ages. For a Birthday Party, Daycare, Schools, or even something different for your family and friends one evening !

Zoom show’s are the new NORM ! Book Now !


The Ultimate Extreme Magic Party –
This Party Has It All !!!!

Running time: 90 min

  • CoCo The McCaw
  • I -Hop The Magic Rabbit
  • 45 min magic show
  • Balloons for every child and a special one for the birthday child
  • Magic Kit for the birthday child
  • Colouring sheets for everyone

Here is the surprise kicker!

The birthday child will get to magically float in the air. This will be the talk of your child’s party.

An amazing video or photo opportunity.


Watch the video
as The Magic Guy floats his dog Rudy and his friend Susan.

Watch the video
on how to prepare for a performer.

Download Colouring Sheet & Coupon ( PNG , PDF )